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These are frequent questions about Presales and Real Estate our customers tend to have. Please feel free to ask us by calling or emailing

Q.   How does presales work?

Presales are basically pre-constructon projects being marketed by Developers (businesses that own land and hire contractors to build new homes). What you are buying is a binding contract protected by the courts of Canada that Developers will build your new home according to floor plan specs and what's discussed in the Disclosure Statement (usually hundreds of pages), within a certain timeframe.

Concrete high-rises usually take 3+ years for completion.

Lowrise (wood-frames and concrete) can be 6 month to 2 years. Generally faster.

Mortgage and financing for the remaining 80%+ of the home purchase price is arranged at the time of completion.

Q.   Who pays your team and what does it cost me?

You will be very happy to hear that presales and our time and experience in helping you find your ideal condo unit does not cost you a dime.

We get paid direct from developers and in our cases even help you save money! Since you would be paying the same price regardless to the developers - it actually makes sense to have a realtor team advise you.

Since we have longtime relations with all the major developers in Vancouver and Canada (Concord Pacific, BOSA, ONNI, Cressey, Leddingham McAllister, Polygon, and more), we get you even earlier access than public!

Q.   How does the process work?

Simply put - call us or email us and tell us your budget and criteria and we'd be happy to make suggestions on upcoming projects.

Once we match a few ideas for you we can book VIP appointments for you to view units and demo homes and enter into CPS (Contract of Purchase and Sales) of a presale unit of your choice.

We have been doing this for years and have many clients happy to give you recommendations. Call TODAY!

Call us: +1 604-670-7653 Licensed through Nu Stream Realty Inc.

100-4555 Kingsway. Burnaby, BC. V5H4T8