City of Lougheed

TOWER 1 Sold out.


TOWER 2 starting 2018 Summer.


Quick facts:


55 stories

550+ units.

Concrete building. Air Conditioned.


Pricing $1000/ft - similar to comparable Coquitlam units such as Wynnwood and Hensley

Masterplan retail community and architecture


1/2 Bedroom 1 Parking / 3BR - 2 parking


Completion - 2021 Summer


Deposit: TBA


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Here's what the finished building will look like.

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The large 20+ tower community will allow residents to bask in all the modern conveniences of living in a large community hub such as City of Lougheed.


- Grocery

- Banks

- Modern conveniences

- Hotel like luxury finishes

- Boutique amenities plus


Master plan hub of commerce, office towers, and mixed retail right below in a 300,000 sq ft space.

VIP ACCESS TO City of Lougheed at 604-670-7653 or operators STANDING BY!

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